Hotel in Kaliningrad


The City
Wedged between Poland and Lithuania, this city, which now has half a million inhabitants in 1945 was assigned to the Soviet Union.
Kaliningrad has recently become a special economic zone within the Russian Federation, so that the administration has given the companies preferential treatment: thanks to the influx of federal funds and revenues generated from oil sales, the city has witnessed a great building boom.

The Project
The project site is located in the very center of the city – 5 minutes walk from the Central Square and the Mayor’s office and 10 minutes walk from the Governor’s office.
The new hotel will be located in a park surrounded by tall trees in a quiet zone which in accordance with the general development plan of the city will become a pedestrian zone and a shopping area. Furthermore, the new city development provides a traffic organization that will allow the hotel guests to avoid traffic jam on their way to and from the airport and the hotel.
Moreover there are 3 shopping malls either built or reconstructed recently within 5 minutes walk from the new hotel.
However the access to the hotel by car is very convenient.
In addition to that the new city development plan presumes such organization of traffic which will allow the guests of the hotel to avoid the traffic jams in the center on the way to the airport and the from the airport to the hotel.
Kaliningrad will host, along with S. Petersburg, the north group of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


Total Area


12.930 sq.m

Main Services:

  • restaurant
  • bar
  • fitness center
  • spa center
  • 2 conference halls
  • subterranean parking

In the historic center of town known as the Green belt of Snyder, 5 minutes from the Central Square and Christ the Savior Cathedral, near the entertainment centers, “Epicenter” and “Acropolis”.