Hotel in Tyumen


As the administrative and business center of the largest oil and gas producing region in the Russian Federation, Tyumen is unofficially known as the oil and gas capital of the Russian Federation.
Contemporary Tyumen is one of the most important administrative, economic, industrial, cultural and educational centers in the Ural-Siberian Region. Tyumen’s dynamically developing infrastructure has facilitated its development into a large tourist center. Hotels, roads, the airport, and the rail road station are being upgraded to contemporary standards, attracting the interest of international tourism. Tyumen has become the site of large international exhibitions and conferences. The numerous historic monuments and architectural landmarks in the oldest Russian city in Siberia have become an important destination for cultural tourism. The Tyumen vicinity is an excellent site for health resorts, ecological tourism, hunting and fishing.


Total Area


14.696 sq.m

In the very heart of the city center of Tyumen, 500 meters from the Tura River, next to the main municipal and government buildings.