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Letter to shareholders – New Subscriptions

Dear Shareholders,

With this letter, in a short distance from the last we sent to you on April 15th, 2016, we have a duty to inform in relation to the latest news about the Brickstone Fund.

You will remind that the main theme of the letter concerned the fact that because of the fall of the ruble, the Bank invited us to decrease the amount of the mortgage.

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Offering Memorandum and Offering Supplement

Today the MFSA informed the Brickstone Fund ‘s Offering Memorandum and the Offering Supplement of Brickstone Growth & Development Fund and finally the Offering Supplement of Brickstone Santo Stefano, must be considered as final; these versions are those that can be circulated to Investors Fund. In addition, the new version of the Offering Memorandum reflects the appointment of Daniel Zuffada as Director of the Fund .

Letter to shareholders – Communication

Dear Shareholder,

Hereby we want to take the opportunity to clear the situation in the light of recent developments that have affected the Brickstone Real Estate Fund SICAV plc.

It is evident to everyone that the situation that has arisen, between Russia on one hand and Ukraine on the other hand, caused heavy impact on the Brickstone Fund.

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